Thursday, October 25, 2007

Too busy to blog-

My two little amigos have been keeping me far too busy to blog.

One of my favorite blogs, Raising Five, (I don't know how to add links yet...haven't had the time to figure that out) talks about living first, then blogging. I don't know, maybe blogging should come first because otherwise it's like all the other things that I love to do that get sidelined. Besides, this is easy!

Scrapbooking, genealogy, organizing, yardwork (yes, I LOVE yardwork), sewing, quilting, even reading, take up such huge amounts of time that I always fall behind.

All I have to do with blogging is log on for a few minutes, type up a few thoughts, add a pic to share and there you go.....mission accomplished and I can go on with my day-feeling so efficient and pleased with myself.

Something to think about.

On another note, I've got something to share that has changed our family's life!!

We have started grinding wheat and baking our own bread. After months of trying to find healthy bread (no trans fats or high fructose corn syrup) and tired of spending $4/loaf just to have it gone the next day.....I discovered a blogger, Noise Overload, who shared her experience of grinding her own wheat and baking bread for her family. She also homeschools, which eliminated my previous excuse of not having enough time. I visited Bread Beckers website and discovered 2 facts impossible to ignore-that 90% of wheats nutrients are gone within 72 hours of being ground into flour and it takes only a few minutes to grind wheat to add to any recipe.

So I placed my order for one grain grinder and 45 lb. bucket of wheat. We were on our way!!

The results are amazing!! Really Amazing!! My children LOVE it, my sweet cravings are mostly gone, and quite possibly my gluten intolerant husband might be able to eat bread again. He's going to try a roll this weekend. I've read quite a few stories of others who were diagnosed celiacs who could eat bread from freshly milled wheat without problem. We're all eating less because this bread is so filling. I feel good about the kids eating it as almost all of the nutrients we need are contained in wheat. I think it's only missing 4. It's also less than $1/ loaf and easy, easy, easy to make! A few hours in the morning and we've got rolls and loaves to last a few days.

And I've lost 2 lbs. in as many days effortlessly. I must emphasize the effortlessly part because I've stopped walking-I had shingles for awhile and needed to slow down. A side note-if you ever think you might have shingles, see your doctor immediately-I did and because I started the medicine in time, the pain and duration were minimal, it was almost like I didn't have shingles at all! But I think you have to start the meds within 72 hours so get in there pronto!

Kicking my chocolate addiction and losing weight without even trying?

Something else to think about.

However, since J(2) is running around half dressed, J(7mos) is crying, and I'm late....perhaps living should come first afterall.