Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy 12th anniversary to us!

Anniversary delicacies by Z(11) and A(8) that even S (hubby) can eat!
Waking up to this scene (even at 6:30am) never fails to make my day.

Good thing the kitchen was tidied up last night or Z(11) would've never have been able to work his baking magic.

With a bit of effort, I turned a blind eye to the mixing bowl coated with rapidly drying batter perched on top of the open flour canister (there was still fresh ground wheat in there) and that Z(11) found and used the canola oil....I was trying to get rid of that wretched stuff. I had to focus on rescuing what was burning on the stove (pancakes sticking to my formerly pristine pan-Z(11) couldn't find the Pam spray) and help him scrape it off and flip the poor pancake.

Nothing beat his smiling face though. He and his sister A(8) had been whispering madly amidst themselves for the past few days, ever since they had overheard that our anniversary was approaching. They were 'quietly' working in the kitchen this morning until J(2) woke and joined them. Then A(8) read J(2) Cubbies book to her while Z(11) cooked and baked our breakfast feast. Pancakes, sausage, and minature cakes with lemon icing. (see pic above) What a team! This was music to my seems all I've heard of late is bickering between them.
Thank God for these celebratory times that offer some reprieve.

When I start to worry about his antics and wonder what is wrong with him, I need to remember these moments. They had gone to bed later than usual last night because they have AWANA on Wed. evenings and don't usually get to bed until around 9pm. I'm impressed that they set an alarm for 4:30!!! A(9) slept in Z's (11) room and she woke him when the alarm went off. That couldn't have been easy, he is not a morning person.
So, even though my kitchen is a disaster, there is a tower of bowls, bakeware, and pans to soak and scrub, even though J(7 months) and J(2) are a mess and in need of attention, we have a very full day ahead of us, and once again, I'm running heart is full of joy for the gifts God has bestowed on us. As my dear husband always reminds me, "these are the signs of life."
One of the many reasons I am thankful for him most of all.

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