Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 1-Did I do it?

So, I know I said I would have breakfast with my husband Sean, I missed it. I didn't get around to hanging out with the kids because I was busy cleaning the house before their friends came over for the afternoon (the very definition of an exercise in futility, but yet I continue to do it) and tonight I almost forgot to do anything fun with them until H (6), reminded me that we hadn't played the game S'math (like Scrabble but with mathematical equations) yet. This was 9:00 at night and I had just finished telling her and A (8)to get into bed. However, they had waited all evening...so patiently....so S'math it was.

Honestly, playing S'math that late at night, with a fussy baby on my lap, and with my hopes dashed on getting any free time for myself and still getting to bed at a reasonable hour, wasn't all that much fun. However-seeing how happy the girls were, was fun, and going to bed after midnight-totally worth it! Good night!!

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