Monday, August 13, 2007

"There's something about you-I just can't describe it!"

My dear friend, Leeza and I were chatting tonight, I can’t remember what about, when she mentioned that her husband, Davis, told her once "it's as if you had a sign on your back saying, 'Please, tell me your life story.'"

I had to chuckle at that because...yes....that IS how you feel when you first meet her and everytime after. There's something....that ne sais quoi.....that makes you sigh-and just start talking. Leeza is one of those rare people, who does not conceal who she is. She is who she is, very real and expecting the same of you. And you know it, somehow. For me, that was startling and educational because I was ALL about determining who a person truly was and if they were trustworthy before I spoke a word that really meant anything. So, I watched her (out of the corner of my eye), listened, and learned how to be real-how to be real and how to be a friend. (As in, she lets you say perfectify in conversation and doesn't say a word about it!) Just know...I was very, very tired and just trying to get my point across about perfecting something.

I started to agree with her husband Davis, with the statement that titles this post. She pointed out its negative connotation. She joked that perhaps she should have this written on her tombstone. Well, being as serious as I tend to be, I didn't find that funny in the least. However, we had a great laugh over the phrase and I loved the sound of it so much, I just had to use it in tonights mental meandering. This is, afterall, what I love to do!

Really though, Leeza should have her own blog. She says she doesn’t know what she would write about. Let me tell you what she would write about. She’d write about her intriguing interests…from early American history to antiquated medications, from her desire to see people understand the truth of who Christ is and his offer to save us to innovative quilting techniques (never HEARD nor CONCEIVED of before!), it would be fascinating material. I know-it’s fascinating simply to listen to. The humor she uses to relate the antics of her kiddos would cause you to spontaneously laugh out loud, later that day, long after you had finished reading.

Several authors who wrote articles printed in the magazine “This Old Schoolhouse” re-introduced me to this phenomena called blogging. In my little neck of the woods, it is indeed still very much the unknown. So I feel very cutting edge here! Anyway, I liked several of the articles so much that I checked out the authors blogs. Suddenly, I was in the land of like-minded people. Then I discovered I was pregnant with #5 and nobody I knew had that many children, so I searched for blogs of mothers of five for encouragement. It was my refuge when I tired of the wide eyed looks as people gasped, “You’re pregnant again?” (I could write a whole other post on that!) Hint: When an expecting mother is tired, hungry and bloated to the gills- there just isn’t ever a time or place to say such a thing. Just smile and tell her how beautiful she looks. (Just as Leeza did.) I never believed her but boy, I was always thankful to hear it. Blogs offer refreshing places where we can share the familiar struggles and glean real encouragement from women who are in the same season of life.

I’ll let you know if Leeza takes the plunge. I can’t quite describe it but there’s just something about her that you’d all love. (Besides then we could travel to blogging conventions together!)

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