Monday, August 20, 2007

How many days until Christmas?

Actually, I don't know...but I know it's not going to be enough time....again. Every year I think I'll start planning earlier and earlier, but I have yet to actually follow through. I know I should be more stressed out about school starting next week but somehow that sounds do-able. I've started doubling batches of dinner and freezing them so we'll (theoretically) have many ready-to-pop-in-the-oven suppers for the next 6 weeks, which so far even though I've completely way over-scheduled us, still excites me with its....newness. The new clothes, school supplies, books, schedules....the possibilities!

And Christmas....well, I just found an old wall quilt (can you find it in my sewing corner pic?) that I started 7 years ago that I think I may actually finish this year. Discovering it led me to thinking about snowy mornings, hot cocoa, the relatively relaxed pace of winter. Every year I promise myself that I will not rush around, I will plan my time so wisely that the holidays will finally be a time of contemplation, rest, and enjoyment with my family and friends. Then reality hits and I'm rushing around town or staying up late shopping online and just trying to keep my head above water, let alone contemplate anything. Maybe I shouldn't be so is still only August after all. I am thinking of giving each child one special item that I know they will love and the rest of their gifts will be little trips and experiences here and there. They have so much, it's almost ridiculous. It makes me crazy and little sick to see how much they don't even use. They love to go places though, it might be money better spent if we take them on day trips and outings instead.


Sherri@NoiseOverload said...


I'm with ya sister. Last year, I gave myself the year off from our Christmas letter. That was a HUGE relief. Of course, I'm starting to jot down ideas for it even now. Our family finally drew names this year and I'm excited to think how much easier Christmas will be. Maybe the kids can do a Christmas play (just for the family) this year and spend enough time on it to learn something!

Corentine said...

Interesting to know.